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Modern Jive, Swing, Tango & Blues Freestyle

Saturday September 29th 2018


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 The Old Barn Hall, 55 Church Road, Great Bookham, Nr. Leatherhead, Surrey KT23 3PQ. Less than 10 minutes from M25 Junctions 9 and 10.

About Jag Jive:

Jag Jive is one of the longest running independent dance operators in the UK, with 2 decades of experience.

Our "flagship" venue is in Great Bookham, Surrey. We run dances there approximately monthly on Saturdays, also on Good Friday. Our monthly freestyles attract some of the best and most versatile dancers from all over southern England. Our venue is a historic building in the centre of Bookham village. There are several halls under one roof, but the venue is usually known by the generic name "The Old Barn Hall".

The normal format for our dances is as follows:

The Old Barn Hall (front hall) - early evening ballroom practice session from 7:15 pm; then up tempo music from 8 pm for modern jive, with a sprinkling of swing, latin and rock and roll.
The Harrison Hall (rear hall) - free tango classes from 7:30 pm; then music for tango, blues, and west coast swing.
Music finishes at 11:45 pm and we ask guests to vacate the venue by midnight.

Important information for newcomers
  1. We are affiliated with the community association, so all our dancers are "technically" members. We ask that you complete and sign a simple form with your contact details, and let us know if any details change.
  2. There is a double parking system in the front car park - please do not park on the outside space and leave the inside space empty, we have a lot of cars to fit in! If the car park is full, we advise you not to park on the road - there is a large car park in the centre of the village very close to the main crossroads (behind the Co-op) which is less than 300 yards from the venue.
  3. We do not have a specific dress code but smart casual is preferred over sports wear.
  4. We don't run a bar, so it's BYO drinks. Free tea, coffee and cakes from 10:15.
  5. If you arrive after 10 pm please enter via the side (kitchen) door. If you go outside for a smoke, please do not allow anyone in.
  6. We have a simple "Three Strikes" policy - anyone who does not show up after having booked or cancels at unreasonably short notice, 3 times, is not allowed to reserve in advance. It's just not fair on dancers left waiting for places. Fortunately the vast majority of people are considerate and we have only had to invoke this rule for 5 people out of the thousands who have danced at our venue over the last 10 years.
  7. We never ask for payment in advance except for ticket-only events, and we do not demand payment if you have to cancel (provided we get notice).
  8. We offer complimentary entry to other dance organisers (who generally reciprocate with us). Please do not take offence if you arrive in a mixed group of organisers and their friends, and some have to pay and some not. We'd like to make it free for everyone, but we have a lot of outgoings to cover!
  9. Bookham dances are run by dancers for the benefit of dancers.

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